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The medical system cannot be trusted for one simple reason. It attempts to have every remedy owned by some company so where there is a remedy that cannot be owned that remedy gets condemned as untried, untested, dangerous and a useless waste of money. Carb soda solves the problem of sensitive teeth and will ease most tooth aches, yet this is never recommended by doctors or dentists or even used by them. The remedy is too cheap and cannot be owned.

In 2004 my mother and I had chronic ill health we now know was caused by mercury poisoning secretly administered by my sister Lynette Faye Johnson. In seeking a remedy to this chronic health problems we both had Intravenous (IV) EDTA Chelation therapy. Sixteen times my mother and I spent three hours sitting  in an IV Clinic in Camberwell and we got to know many other people who were there very well.

Six other patients had cancer and had been through the conventional treatment regime for their disease and then had then been told they could not be cured. Instead of doing as they were told - going home and dying, they were saving their own lives with treatments they had been told by their Cancer Doctors would not work. In most cases their cancer doctor was not told that they were getting an alternative treatment.

Several patients were importing laetrile from the US and giving it to the nurse themselves to put into their IV drip solution. Because what they were doing was illegal the laetrile was imported as hair tonic. I had long conversations with two men both with lung cancer, different types of lung cancer, and they were reporting to me that their cancer was shrinking. One of these men was still getting chemotherapy, the other was not and both had a young family.

There were other patients that had traveled to China for treatment and had brought back from China their own supply of a white milky substance called kanglaite. One lady, a teacher, five years previously had breast cancer and now had bone cancer. The bone cancer had been very painful and she had been told there was nothing that could be done for her by her cancer doctor. She was giving the nurse the kanglaite and it was being added to an IV drip. When I was talking to this lady her pain had disappeared and she said the cancer diagnostic was showing her cancer had disappeared. 

The message here is that you cannot trust your doctor to do the best job for you, to save you. It is something you have to do for yourself. Use the doctors for what they can do for you, but go that extra effort and research and find your own remedy.

Laetrile is extracted from apricot kernels and some Chinese Grocers have apricot kernels on their shelves. In the short term eating apricot kernels could be of some anti cancer benefit. Kanglaite is made from a grain called variously Chinese barley, Jobes Tears and coix. An uncle had malignant myeloma which is a cancer of a stem cell in the bone marrow. He was dying and very frail and close to death when I read a research article on cancer that indicated that feverfew cures malignant myeloma and some other cancers including breast cancer and prostrate cancer. He took some fever few, available from some health food shops and sold as a migraine treatment and was cured. I gave a bottle of feverfew to another person who was supposed to die from malignant myeloma a bottle of fever few and he was cured also. He made the mistake of only taking what was in the bottle and did not continue taking fever few and a year later was diagnosed with other cancers through out his body.  This man is still alive today.

Stem cells replace other cells in the body and so cancerous stem cells distribute cancer elsewhere in the body. 

I have read research that indicates that Reshi mushrooms cure cancer. There are claims for other herbs and substances that cure cancer and I can not say anything about them. I would expect that foods that are anti-inflammatory would be of some help.

What would I do if I was diagnosed with cancer? First I would find a good cancer doctor who had the tools to diagnose and monitor the cancer. I would probably follow their advice. If an operation was required I would tread carefully as I would not like to lose a body function or part of my body. I would get apricot kernels, jobes tears, fever few and Resh mushrooms and take some of each every day and continue this till I was cured. I would research my particular cancer till I fully understood it and knew which genes were involved. I would limit my energy intake - almost starve myself and at the same time I would increase my vitamin and mineral intake. I would research my particular cancer for all known cures for it. Then I would get some kanglaite from China as a last resort if the cancer was not under control. There would be approximately 12 other compounds I would also research and consider taking. I would grow my own feverfew.

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