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Hunger is the real problem and is what makes us fat and unhealthy.

Know how our bodies work

Hunger is the body's way of informing us that it has a need. Our bodies may be running low in protein, it could be low in magnesium or some other mineral, it may be deficient in Omega 3 oils or it could be low in energy. Regardless of what the need is there is only one signal, hunger, to indicate to us that there is a need to be satisfied. Pregnant women seem to have an improved system as they are prone to food cravings and when satisfied may, or may not have, satisfied a fetuses' specific need. Hunger signaling is a poor quality control system and in itself cannot be relied upon to deliver health.

The other false signal occurs where people eat for emotional reasons and for comfort. Solving this problem requires some ABCD of psychology. The driving force is a feeling of need and the response is to eat and this response in inappropriate as it really does not satisfy the basic need. An alternative response is needed like exercise or some company.

If the real need is for protein and the hunger is satisfied with high carb potato chips or crisps then it is only a short while and the hunger signal is there again. Binge eating this way leads to morbid obesity and ill health and diabetes. Not a good outcome. Empty carbs sabotage ones dietary control in 3 ways:  (Vitamin Research News Jan 2008, Dr Meletis)

  1. They cause a short term surge in blood sugar that increases insulin, which in turn causes the calories to store quickly and then leave you equally or even more hungry.
  2. Carbs lead to reactive hypoglycemia and also deplete chromium; the lower ones chromium levels the greater the cravings. Thus a catch 22 happens. Lower chromium levels leads to more carbs and more carbs lead to lower chromium levels.
  3. Commercially available carbs have flavour enhancers in them that trick the taste buds and without sufficient protein, blood sugars and nutrient status are not sustained so the body continues its quest to be properly nourished. 

There is considerable evidence of a hormone problem and that hormone is insulin. Carbohydrates, starches and sugars, prompt excessive insulin secretion. Insulin is the primary regulator of fat storage. When insulin levels are high fat accumulates in our tissues. When the insulin level falls fate is released and we use it for fuel. Carbohydrates which drive insulin levels high make us fat.

What we need is an ideal diet designed specifically for us that will satisfy perfectly our bodies needs. We also need the wisdom to be able to recognize what is good for us and to avoid that which our bodies do not need.

The components of a diet are:

A good diet is a quality diet: 

Glycemic Index - What does it really mean?

Some foods like pure glucose (GI = 100) will raise the blood sugar high and the area under the graph is high and for glucose is set at 100. Other foods digest slower and so the area under the graph is much lower - low GI. The issue is the type of food we eat and how much of it we eat.GI is the area under the graph for a specific food as compared to the area under the graph for pure glucose.

Diet and Glycemic Index

My ideal diet: Consists of colourful vegetables such as broccoli, carrot, tomato, brussel sprouts, mushrooms silver beet and a piece of salmon with flaxseed oil over it. Some mornings I will have a small portion of rolled oats with dried fruits. A small piece of cheese for calcium etc. I make for myself a concoction of whey protein, brewers yeast, wheat germ and lecithin which I have mixed with milk as an overall cure all. My reasoning is that my body needs protein and gets it from the whey powder, my body needs vitamins especially B group vitamins and immune system support and I get it from Brewers Yeast, My body needs Vitamin E and other antioxidants and I get this from the wheat germ and to help with fat metabolism and brain function I add lecithin. I take a magnesium, a calcium and a multi-mineral supplement and some Vitamin C and Folic acid every other day. 

I have learnt from personal experience that I need to take a teaspoon of carb soda in fruit juice every day. This I find keeps me alkaline and cures sensitive teeth problems. I find it also improves my overall feeling of well being. It may be because I had mercury poisoning that I need to do this or it maybe for some other reason, I do not have a theory or research for it.

The body maintains the pH of the blood at 7.4 and will raid the body tissues of magnesium and calcium - both alkaline minerals - to keep the blood pH at 7.4. Being too acidic will cause osteoporosis and chronic fatigue. Taking carb soda before exercising helps reduce the amount of muscle pain by neutralizing the lactic acid that builds up in muscles during exercise. Carb soda was a favorite of the horse racing industry and is now illegal as it was used to increase the horse's stamina.

I know I should exercise much more than I do.