In the best Interest of the Community

The Legislation created for the above purpose has to be implemented. Thus it also creates officers and assigns power to the officers to implement the law. Powerful little peer groups are created. These laws create the conditions of the Stanford Prison Experiment where a them and us attitude develops where the Officers become convinced they must control. Groups of like minded individuals tend to talk themselves into extreme positions and groups of peers are more likely to choose risky options than people acting alone. These effects help to explain all sorts of choices we might think are unwise, from the dangerous antics of gangs of teenage boys to the radicalism of some animal rights activities and cult members. The conditions for abuse and little Nazis are thus created. 

The Animal Care and Protection Act assigns this power to Officers employed by the RSPCA and these Officers have a duty to the RSPCA Policies as well as the Animal care and Protection Act. They are given the power to dictate to all animal lovers how their animals are to be treated and looked after. They have the power to have animals desexed, confiscated  or put down according to RSPCA policy. Given time this Act will make the RSPCA one of the most hated organizations in Queensland. The RSPCA Officer runs a star chamber.

The Mental Health Act imposes upon Psychiatrists a duty of care to protect the community from their patient. They are also given the power to imprison (they call it hospitalise) and forcibly torture (they call it treat) their patient. The media scrutiny is such that they fear a mistake so where there is a dispute the patient is involved in he is automatically mentally ill and punished accordingly at the discretion of a psychiatrist. The Psychiatrist runs a star chamber.

Crowd Controllers / bouncers also are subjected to this power / control condition which is why they hurt and kill people.

Police have a similar problem but they also have a lot of training and supervision which reduces the amount of abuse they do.