Respect is fundamental to prosperity and happiness.

We may not want to have what others have, we might not agree with what others say, we might not think or believe what others think or believe, we might not feel like others feel, but if we do not defend other peoples rights to these things then we can lose our rights as well. We must all stand against the bullies of this world. Those who would take these rights from us are the evil ones. People should have their rights and freedoms respected and should not cause others distress or harm.

Citizens must be able to respect: 
Poverty makes people desperate and desperate people can not afford to respect others. Their needs become so great that they lose their respect for others. This is why charity is so important. We need a Social Security system to support those who are having difficulty supporting themselves. Organizations like St Vincent de Pauls and the Red Cross help keep our society safe from the dangers that lack of respect for others cause.
Addictions - drugs and gambling are expensive needs for those addicted and their needs become so great that they lose their ability to respect others. A healthy society needs to eliminate Drugs and Gambling. Making laws against drugs has only encouraged organised crime and corruption in government.
Corruption in Government - where laws and approvals are provided by government to the favoured few who can gain that favour with brown paper bags of money distorts the economy and causes unfairness and lack of competitiveness. It also causes a violation  of the principles of fairness and eventually leads to poor economic prosperity. Organised crime depends on corruption in government, without corruption organised crime cannot flourish. The descretion of a public servant to do nothing can be worth a lot of money. The determination of a public official to bully brings lack of respect for government. Restriction of and the buying of building approvals creates a housing shortage that makes people resort to living on the streets and being desperate and so unable to respect others.
Restrictive laws - Laws that making getting a licence to earn an income and even drive a car difficult and expensive will cause frustration and activities that are unlawful. Eventually people lose their respect for laws and the country becomes ungovernable. There must be better ways of teaching young people safe driving skills than making a mandatory 100 hours learner driving experience. It must be made possible for young people to demonstrate that they can drive and that they can drive safely and understand the dangers of inattention and adventurous driving behaviours. The certification processes for working in various industries is making getting work and changing jobs difficult. Licences such as Taxi Licences that cost $250,000.00 each reduces the number of taxis on the roads and drives up the costs of using those services. This is not right or fair on the citizen. Building and development permits have become too difficult, bureaucratic and expensive, thus there is a housing shortage and people being forced to live on the streets.
Emotional and Physical Abuse leads to lack of self respect, People who do not respect themselves have difficulty respecting others. We as a society have to be proactive against abuse of others, physical emotional and sexual abuse has to be eliminated. We have to encourage and praise those who do well and minimize and eliminate put downs from our social interactions. Putting others down has to be seen as anti-social and anti-respect even if said in Jest. Bullying has to be stopped and bullying the bully is not the answer. The principles of respect need to be taught in schools.
Justice and the law applied to the facts in our courts. When courts fail to give people a fair hearing and cause injustice they cause society to be weaker and the courts to lose the respect of the community. Laws that create star chamber justice, judges that refuse to allow evidence into the court, Police that encourage witnesses to give false evidence and the rest all contribute to society being damaged.

The economics of respect: A prosperous society is one which works together for mutual benefit. The Economic principle is that everyone is working to provide goods and services to others to receive money in exchange. This is being done with fairness. Fairness is determined by a free, open and competitive economy where those who can provide the products at the best prices have full access to the market without impediments. The greater the good done for others the greater is the prosperity of those who did that good.

Regulations that ensure fairness and competition in the market place are good regulations. We need people to provide and do what they say they will provide and do. Goods have to be fit for purpose. Competition is essential for a free and competitive market place. Monopoly and control of a market allows companies to exploit their fellow citizens by demanding and getting a price that exceeds that which a fair and free market place would deliver to the consumer. Monopoly is able to cheat and get away with it. We elect our politicians to ensure the market place works with fairness. We elect them to make laws that enforce that fairness. When they fail in this task they should not get out vote.

Regulations must provide a remedy. We have a legal system that allows, or should allow, those who have been violated - cheated to get a remedy.  To regulate and delegate a power to people without a defined remedy allows those with power to exploit, to abuse and to be tyrants to others. Regulations must also provide for rules of engagement. See what happens when there are no rules of engagement and no remedy provided to those who are ruled by others with the power of regulation. The Stanford Prison Experiment on YouTube. Our laws are full of violations of the principles of respect.
The Mental Health Act fails this test because it allows Psychiatrists to make a diagnosis and accepts that diagnosis as unquestionable fact. There are no remedy against the Psychiatrists' diagnosis, it is not testable or appealable. This is the failure in this Act. The Act creates a star chamber. Psychiatrists are then allowed to use Involuntary Treatment Orders to violate all aspects of respect. They can and do have Police search their victim's home for guns and drugs, They forcibly detain a person against their will without trial and lock them up in a mental home. They force upon the person drugs that torture and totally debilitate and kill brain cells and control the person. They then begin a campaign against the person's belief system and set out to indoctrinate the person to make that person believe what they think he/she should believe.
The Animal Care and Protection Act is also flawed in that it gives power to the RSPCA to implement the Act, but the RSPCA have their own policies as a separate organization and value their own policies above those defined by the Act. Thus RSPCA Officers, using powers granted in the Animal Care and Protection Act, go into people's places, their farms etc and bully and impose unrealistic demands such as changing the sitting Turkey's nesting material every day (causing the turkey to leave her nest). People have their pets taken because in the opinion of the RSPCA Officer they have too many. We may not want so many pets, but provided their pets are not interfering with other people, we should defend their rights to have them.
Councils have made regulations that remove people's freedoms. Getting approval to make modifications to your own home is repugnant and a clear lack of respect. Making regulations that limit how many animals, pets, chickens etc that a person can have is anti-competitive and anti-respect. Putting farmers out of business by taking their animals off them is against the national interest.

Regulations that cause unfairness. Regulations that add barriers to entry for others in the market place are bad regulations. Centralised purchasing policies, Period contract purchasing policies, Policies that favour big companies over smaller companies. Laws that allow exploitation to go unpunished. Government purchasing policy that adds up all the requirements of all the Departments and then puts the requirements out to tender discriminates against the smaller companies in the market place. The only companies big enough to do the business are multi-nationals so this type of purchasing policy is traitorous towards our own home grown industries. 

A legal system that is too complicated and expensive and that has too many rules and procedures that make it too difficult for the self represented. Try to get a remedy and the lawyer will ask you to deposit $50,000 or $150,000 into his trust fund to cover his costs. The personal Injuries procedures are so complicated and fraught with problems that it has become unaffordable to get compensation for injuries deliberately inflicted by others. The Judges have made the paper work for legal procedures so rigid that failure to obey the procedures can lead to your case being dismissed. This is clearly wrong. Courts should be about having the law applied to the facts. Getting this to happen is like walking a mine field. For a start getting the facts together and organised with proof can be very difficult and onerous. Having witnesses come forward is rare as most people do not want to be involved, but, will comply with Police requests. Defence against Police brought cases leaves the defendant at a significant disadvantage and when Police are selective in the evidence they bring forward (cheat) because they want to win it is even more difficult.

Respect is absolutely essential for Economic prosperity and personal happiness. People have things: property, their body, their feelings, their thoughts and ideas - Respecting people means that the things people have are not harmed or stolen. Those who deliberately or negligently harm others should cary the responsibility of remedying that harm.

Respect is essential for healthy relationships. Relationships