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A plan to take the family inheritance ahead of time.

My sister, Trevor Croll's sister, had a simple plan to inherit her parents lifetime accumulated wealth. It consisted of the following components.

1. Get Control 
Move in and live with her parents Harry & Lynette Croll., This she did in 2001. more.. 
Redirect their mail to a PO Box at the Bunyip Post Office in Victoria. more..   
Endear herself and become executor of their wills. more on wills..     
Win over the family lawyer. She thought she was executor. Boothby & Boothby letter   
Then poison them with an odorless, colorless, tasteless poison - mercury. more on mercury   
2. Use her position as executor to take all the inherited wealth
Executors have legal control and effectively own the estate till they, when they want to, hand it onto the beneficiaries. Read about Wills and Probate. 
Sell up the family farms. Faye had started selling the farms. Tenants had found a new place to live. Then she discovered she wasn't executor. 

The rest is unknown as the plan failed. 

Harry Croll was failed by Doctors - they could not find anything wrong with him and had performed 3 colonoscopies - (Lower intestine and bowel examinations) looking for the source of blood and anus sores. 
After 12 months of chronic ill health Harry Croll's illness became more severe and he felt the end was near. He asked his son, Trevor Croll, to stay at the family home to look after his mother and help run the family farm. Trevor moved into the Family home on the 4th May 2003 and a fight broke out between him and his sister, Trevor Croll's sister. This move messed up
Trevor Croll's sister's plans.

Harry Croll died of stomach cancer on the 15th June 2003 the result of mercury poisoning.
Faye tried to sell the Longwarry farm thinking she was executor. 
Then on the 25th June 2003 she discovered she was not executor.
While Lynette Croll, Harry's wife of 55years, was in grief Faye went through the house and took everything of value to Lynette. 
When Faye realised she was not going to get everything as she was not executor she started a campaign of harassment.
Lynette had to explain to her daughter Faye that she did not get anything in Harry's will. Faye stole from her mother, Lynette Croll, who demanded a return of the stolen items. Trevor Croll prepared a Statutory Declaration about the harassment of Lynette Croll.

Lynette changed her will and did a statutory declaration to support this new will.

On the 11th November 2003 Lynette Croll had a stroke and spent two and a half months in the Dandenong Hospital recovering. Lynette had real fear and terror of Faye. Lynette was in fear of Faye and Faye knew this. Faye visited Lynette in the hospital and tried to bully her - there was a big yelling argument and Faye and her drug addict son Alan Johnson were removed by security.

On the 30th January 2003 Leigh Norton, a social worker at the Dandenong Hospital, was told a story and he filled in an application to the Guardianship List and thus began another saga that lasted 12 months. Faye Johnson and Leonie Prater then filled in their own Guardianship List form seeking to become administrators and Guardian of their mother Lynette Croll. This was another traumatic experience for Lynette Croll as there was nothing wrong with her and the Neuropsychologist at the Dandenong Hospital had said this. The corrupt nature of VCAT Guardianship Tribunal.