Getting Healthy and Losing Weight   

The author was deliberately poisoned with mercury by his psychopath sister because she wanted an inheritance after her father died and when her mother was still alive and everything was left to her mother. During the process there was a wide range of health problems that had to be researched and understood. I will now take you down a way of thinking through and understanding health issues.

Many health problems, I would submit, are caused by poor unbalanced nutrition and too many poisons in our bodies.

To understand how to get healthy we have to understand the cell processes. Cells are the unit building bock of our bodies. Google it

The DNA makes RNA and RNA makes protein. RNA selects from 25 different amino acids and make protein by creating a long sequence of amino acids which are then released into the cell where they fold into a structure - a protein molecule. Some genes encode for protein that collect minerals and become enzymes that support DNA processes and repair DNA. Some genes encode for enzymes that clean up and remove old RNA and old protein. Some genes encode for protein that provide structure to the cells, cell walls and internal scaffolding. Some genes encode for protein that acts as hormones to signal - send messages - to other parts of the body, things like stress hormones. Some proteins collect fats and become lipoproteins and lipoproteins build cell walls. Fats with a high melting point make stiff and impermeable cell walls that can lead to the cells performing poorly in the body. If hormones like insulin cannot get through the cell wall to tell the cell to convert sugars in the blood into fats then there is the condition of insulin resistance and diabetes.  Low melting point fats like omega 3 oils make flexible and permeable cell walls. If the cell is full of fat it is difficult for it to convert more sugar into fat and this leads to diabetes.

The processes in the body are at an equilibrium. For every bit of protein made and RNA made some protein and RNA have to be removed. The RNA and protein eventually become damaged by free radicals and toxins. If the cleanup processes do not work properly disease can occur. Inflammation can interfere with this cleanup process and will cause many diseases like alzheimer's and cancer. Incomplete protein fragments act like toxins and can poison the cells - impair their processes and kill them. Dead cells can excite the immune system, which has a lot of friendly fire killing more good cells, which when they die can further excite the immune system and thus we have autoimmune like diseases. Having a healthy enzyme system is fundamental to good health. Toxins in cigarette smoke make things worse.

Cells in the body have genes turned off (methylated) and become different types of cells. There are cells that build new bone and consume old bone. Bone work-hardens and becomes brittle over time so old bone has to be "eaten up" and new bone "laid down". When the "eaten up" process is faster that the "laid down" process we get osteoporosis. The liver cells are able to metabolize toxins and poisons. Liver, fat and muscle cells respond to hormone signals releasing ( or taking up) fats and sugars into the blood stream for energy.

The mitochondria burn sugars and fats providing the cells with energy and in the process create lots of free radicals. Free radicals are chemically reactive so have to be taken care of with antioxidants. Enzymes also need to be protected and supported with antioxidants. Everyone is different and in all of us some enzymes work well while others are imperfect. Vitamins like the B Group vitamins aid and improve the performance of enzymes.

Muscles have a process where calcium ions (signaled by nerves) move into position and cause contraction, then magnesium ions take the place of the calcium ions and the muscle relaxes. A magnesium deficiency will cause muscles to cramp and be very tired feeling. A Calcium deficiency will cause weakness. Minerals are very important as they are part of the enzymes and are involved in many processes in the body.

Insulin drives the cells to store sugars in the blood, sugars digested from carbohydrates and sugars eaten. The cells convert the sugars into saturated fat, that is the bad fat, for storage in fat cells. This fat is not good for us if we have excess. It is the sort that makes the bad LDL cholesterol.

To be healthy we have to look after our protein as the protein is the machinery of the body.

We need: Protein, Minerals, Anti - Oxidants, Fats & Oils, (then some energy to power the cells if we are not too fat) We also must clear out the things that poison the protein and its processes. Things like mercury, lead, cadmium (the bad heavy metals) and stay clear of chlorinated compounds, toxins, and pesticides that also interfere with the processes. Some foods have hormone like compounds in them that can interfere with body processes and other foods can stimulate our immune system causing inflammation, so foods that are anti-inflammatory are a good idea. pH can be another problem for some people as low pH can promote an environment highly supportive of bacteria and fungi and cause fatigue. 


The Foods we should eat.

The Foods we should Avoid.

Plenty of Good Sleep, Rest and Relaxation is Essential. 
Our bodies are a set of competing systems. When the fight / flight system is running (we are stressed) other systems do not run as well. Stress will interfere with the immune system and the digestive system. Body regeneration and repair is postponed. 
The problem with stress is that when we are stressed we do not realise it. Stress releases stress hormones which cause the body to be prepared for action. The body pumps fat into the blood stream ready for exertion. The arteries tighten and the blood pressure goes up. Sticky platelets form in the blood and stick to the artery walls. Precipitates in the blood bind with these platelets making a fiber board type material that clogs the arteries. The blood levels of incompletely broken down protein products go up and increases the likelihood that blood clots will form causing heart attack and strokes. Mercury and lead will also interfere with enzyme action increasing the toxins in the blood (bits of protein not properly metabolised with). Menopausal women have problems when estrogen is not properly metabolized and this increases the risk of breast cancer and prostrate (in men) cancers.

Exercise burns fat: muscles burn fat and building muscles is a key to weight loss. 
Exercise causes a buildup of lactic acid and lactic acid will form crystals which are very painful. The solution is very simple - take two teaspoons of carb soda an hour before exercising. The carb soda neutralizes the lactic acid and so stops the crystals forming. It also increases stamina as it increases the amount of carbon dioxide the blood can transport. If sore muscles and feelings of fatigue and loss of energy is persistent then get a DMPS Challenge test for heavy metals. You could be high in lead or mercury.