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What it was like being poisoned by Faye Johnson with mercury salts  

Casey-Cardinia Casey Cardinia Library Corporation Endeavour Hills, Hampton Park, Cranbourne, Doveton, Pakenham   The mercury salt used had no odor, no taste, no color and was not detectable in any food 

Small quantities must have been used as there were symptoms of mild food poisoning. Initially these included diarrhea with some scouring and anus soreness. There were many of these episodes over a 2 month period when Faye was living in the same house with Trevor, Lynette, his mother, and her father who died on the 15th June 2003. Later there was blood on the toilet paper and hair loss and a putrid smelly anus discharge. Lynette had so little hair left that she was afraid to brush it as brushing would have pulled out the rest of it. Lynette and Trevor's fingers were showing numbness and some tingling and were always cold and suffering from the cold. Trevor was sleeping with an electric blanket set to 2, to keep warm. 

Faye had access to the family home and was secretly entering the house when Lynette and Trevor were not home. She had keys. That the house had been entered was detected after Trevor became suspicious. This was reported to Ray De Reus of the Bunyip Police but since nothing of value was taken nothing was done about it. The locks were changed and chains and nails in nail holes were added to doors but there was a set of glass doors this was not done to and it is now realised Faye had keys to these doors. Faye had lived at the house and knew it well.

Harry Croll had been diagnosed as passing blood and the reason he had three colonoscopies was that the Doctor was looking for the cause of this blood discharge. Harry was using a diary cow teat cream to ease his anus symptoms. Trevor used a cortisone cream mixed 50/50 with an anti fungus cream. Going to the Doctor for the anus problem seemed a waste of time and wasn't done. Lynette kept her problems secret, she was embarrassed about them and the Doctor could do nothing for Harry.

Trevor and Lynette developed severe heart arrhythmia (atrial fibulation) and Lynette had been diagnosed with severe atrial fibulation. The Doctors had no idea as to what could be the cause.

Trevor developed stomach pains and intestinal pains and had a endoscope procedure where his stomach was examined under general anesthetic - the results did not explain the symptoms. The plug hole in the shower became blocked with hair because of hair loss. 

There were chronic fatigue symptoms that was eased by the taking of magnesium (Blackmores Biomagnesium). Trevor was taking a magnesium every day and often two a day. Lynette was taking the same magnesium and carb soda. Trevor had sensitive teeth and was taking carb soda mixed in fruit juice to ease these symptoms. 

Trevor lost three teeth as his mouth became inflamed and his teeth were infected and had to be removed. Lynette developed puffy gums and had trouble eating firm foods.

Both Trevor and Lynette gained food sensitiveness and couldn't eat bread as this caused bloating of the bowel and pain (Gluten intolerance). A doctor sent Trevor for examination for gall stones for his stomach pain. There were no gall stones. Lynette was very frail and had trouble exercising - walking and doing her farm duties. She left all the duties to Trevor to do.

Blood tests showed that both Trevor and Lynette had high homocysteine and fibrinogen and had a magnesium and zinc deficiency even though they had both been taking lots of magnesium. Lynette was taking warfarin - a blood thinning medication because heart arrhythmias and high homocysteine and fibrinogen cause blood clots and she had already had several strokes.

Often food from the refrigerator was thrown out, mostly yoghurt as it was causing them to get the runs. The only food Trevor and Lynette would and could eat was freshly cooked vegetables with meat and occasionally yoghurt as anything else seemed to cause problems. 

The worse incident of poisoning:  Trevor was offered a cup of coffee, white no sugar which he drank and was pleasant. That was at midday. By about 5:00 pm his stomach was feeling a bit upset and he thought he must be hungry. At 6:00pm he had a normal meal. By 9:00pm his stomach was painful and nauseous. Fearing he may have had something untoward he made myself vomit. Next morning he had a nasty sore diarrhea and his anus was scoured with blood on the toilet paper. He felt fatigued and could only eat a boiled egg for breakfast that morning. By midday he was totally exhausted and his fingers and toes were tingling. He felt really ill and three times was told he should go off in an ambulance to hospital. He felt like he was going to die. He was passing blood his urine had blood in it and blood was coming out the other hole as well. For the next week he could not eat and could only drink water and fruit juices. After about a week he began eating small meals and it took a month for his digestive system to get back to where he could eat normally again. His heart arrhythmia became very severe and he had to take extra doses of magnesium and carb soda to get some partial feeling of normal again.

Yes the Victoria Police were told and did nothing about investigating the poisoning. The Victoria State Coroner refused to allow Trevor to examine Harry Croll for mercury poisoning. The letter to the Coroner.  The authorities decided not to believe Trevor Croll that Harry, Lynette and Trevor had been deliberately poisoned by Faye Johnson. Part of the problem is that it took too long to discover mercury poisoning as being the cause of their chronic health problems. 

It was Dr Jaa at Robina on the Gold Coast, Queensland,  who suggested a Queens Profile by ARL Pathology be performed to find out what was really wrong with Lynette Croll. This was eight months after having moved away from Victoria and the last dose. Dr Jaa detected mercury and Trevor and Lynette began realise what had been happening. Trevor was able to "join the dots" and concluded Faye had been administering the mercury and with research on the internet he realised mercury was the cause of all his and his mother's symptoms.

We were let down by Doctors, they could not and did not really try to explain our chronic ill health (with the exception of Dr Jaa and Dr Bradey). Lynette and Trevor spent about $30,000 on treatments including EDTA Chelation, vitamins and minerals and medications.

Casey-Cardinia Casey Cardinia Library Corporation Endeavour Hills, Hampton Park, Cranbourne, Doveton, Pakenham Symptoms of Chronic Mercury Poisoning suffered by Harry, Lynette and Trevor Croll (inclusively). Lynette Croll was very frail suffering similar symptoms to Multiple Sclerosis.

Casey-Cardinia Casey Cardinia Library Corporation Endeavour Hills, Hampton Park, Cranbourne, Doveton, Pakenham

Not knowing at the time what the problem was lots of things were tried to relieve the symptoms. This is just a small sample. The dairy cow udder cream isn't here. The soaking in copper sulphate isn't here. Yes even vaginal cream was used for the anus problem. The list includes antibiotics, worm treatment, fungus treatments - tinnia and thrush, relief with savlon, pain killers,