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Detecting Deception

There are two types of lies.
1. There is the rehearsed lie. This is the lie where there has been time to invent a story to hide the truth.
2. There is the cognitive lie. This is the lie where the story must be invented while it is being told.

There are two types of liars.
1. There is the defensive liar. This is the person who tries to hide the fact that they are lying.
2. There is the aggressive liar. This person becomes bolder and more forceful when they are lying. I have known a few conmen and they were this type of liar.

There is the 300millisecond micro behaviors.
The autonomic nervous system is out of our control for about 300ms. This means that we show our emotions for a short time before we come back into control. Emotions like fear, contempt and anger are displayed momentarily. With practice and by closely observing a person it is possible to see these micro behaviors. A List of emotions

The technique for detecting deception
In normal conversation with a person it becomes possible to recognise when they are telling the truth so when there is observed an increase in speed of speech there is the possibility that a rehearsed lie is being told. Where there is uncertainty ask in depth questions that cause the lying to become cognitive. Cognitive lying has more pauses, ums and ars  and repetition when being told. Note if there is a change such as a defensiveness or an aggressiveness  and watch for those micro behaviours.

A small percentage of people are so practiced at deception that their lying is normal for them. For these people these techniques do not work very well. There are other observations that one can make and one is whether the person talks with you and have interactive discussions with you or they prefer to "take the floor" and tell stories about other people and other things and do not talk about themselves and their feelings about things and situations.

One should also be wary of people who self promote. These people will embellish and restructure for their own aggrandizement.