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Trevor Croll's Study of People

This page is the conclusion of my experience with a psychopath and my study of people. I had to ask myself how could I be poisoned with mercury and not realise it while it was happening? I also had to ask how it is that Faye Johnson could have done what she did? I had to think hard about the nature of people and where I went wrong. The Spider and the Scorpion is a way of understanding and dealing with issues caused by people.

The first mistake I made was the Error of assumed similarity. Because I would not have done what was done to my mother and I it did not occur to me that Faye was doing it. We experienced much harassment at the time and it took some time to realise how and why it was happening. I underestimated the maliciousness and ill intent of my opponent. There were things that I would not do and there were things that Faye would do and I could not believe Faye would do it or was capable of influencing others against me so successfully. 

Techniques of influence were used on others who would work against my mother and me. What are these techniques and how do they work?.

The error of assumed similarity and the spectrum of honesty covers the nature of honesty and ruthlessness of people.

Rejection criteria why we should have nothing to do with some people.

Detecting deception - works for all but about 15% of people who are pathological liars and manipulators where another assessment must be made.

Do not visit Psychiatrists. They have no objective measures for their diagnoses. It is not an objective science. They use drugs that shrink brains - that cause brain atrophy.

Various types of decision making and diagnostic procedures from real world where things either work or don't work - fixing computers. GPs where there is guess and test or try approach. Alternative medicines such as aroma therapy, rake and Psychiatry where there is no cause and effect but rather a categorizing based on an opinion approach. Where even the theory is un-testable and therefore probable wrong. Then there is the three categories of knowledge - what we know, what we know we don't know and the biggest - what we don't know we don't know.

Relationships is about how things should work between decent people. 

ABCD of how people work is a neat way of solving complex emotional and interpersonal problems.