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Rejection criteria - The people we should have nothing to do with.

You should have read the section on the Spider and the Scorpion.

There are reasons why we should not have people around us and there are reasons why we should have people around us. People who are capable of harming us are the people we should have nothing to do with. There are three tests we can perform for detecting these type of people.

1. People who do things right generally do the right things.

When we observe people we should be looking at what they do and not at the words they say. We have to look to see if they have a sense of fairness. If they treat other people fairly they will most likely treat you fairly too. The effect of what they say is more important than what they say. If what they do and say indicates that the person has a sense of correctness about them then they may be OK. If the work they do is of a technical nature they can not cheat on their work. For the things they do to work they have to be correct. They have to have a sense of correctness. By observing people and the nature of the way they do things and treat other people is is possible to get an idea of their sense of correctness and fairness.

2. If they do it to others they will do it to you to.

People who talk badly about others will talk badly about you too. It is not what they say about other people, it is that they talk badly about others that is important. What they say can seem reasonable given the facts they convey but if it denigrates others then it should be telling you what they will do to you. People in general can not help themselves, they tell others a lot about themselves. The art is to be observant and to realise when they are talking about others they are telling you much about themselves. It is important to develop the skill of listening and getting this information. They will tell you what they will do to you as they tell you what they have done to others or denigrate others with their malicious gossip and stories about others. People who have conflicts with lots of other people are more likely to have conflicts with you. 

3. Are they manipulative and controlling?

People who use persuasion are people to be avoided as they are most likely to be manipulative and controlling. If you are caused feelings of disgust of others, guilt, contempt of others, Alarm, Anger, Angst, Annoyance, Apprehension, Awe, Anxious, Cautiousness, Delight, Embarrassment, Envy, Fear, Friendship, Gratitude, Hate, Horror, Jealousy, Pride, Rage, Regret, Remorse, Resentment, Shame, Suspense, Torment, Unhappiness, Worry then you are most probably being manipulated. How you feel around these people is a good indication of their manipulative and controlling power. If they invoke feeling that you are special in some way then watch out. 

These people do not speak the truth but are more likely to be telling you what they think you would like to hear or what they think will persuade you to their cause. They may appear to be a friend but they are not, they are operating on you and managing you and your perceptions. They feed people information designed to construct beliefs in those persons which make them more easily used and taken advantage of. 

Often what you like doing they will like doing, the things you hate they will hate also, the things you believe in they will believe in also. They will appear to be on the same wave length and very compatible with you. If your emotions are spinning and you like them as they have influenced you and made you feel extra worm towards them then you have most likely been manipulated by a manipulative and controlling individual. If you find yourself wanting to help them out, believing in their cause, trusting in their judgment of a business opportunity, wanting to trust them with your money then you are to them just another sucker they have manipulated and taken advantage of.


Have nothing to do with people who take advantage of others and will take advantage of you.