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Acne is a disease of the sebaceous gland 

A normal gland of the skin which empties an oily secretion into the hair follicle near the surface of the skin.

Bacteria living in this gland causes acne.

There are two solutions.

  1. Reduce the bacteria supply of food
  2. Kill off the bacteria

Reducing the bacteria supply of food. Hormones in youth drive the sebaceous glands into high production of their oils. Regular washing with soap will clean off the oils and reduce the bacteria food supply. Insulin has a dramatic effect on the sebaceous gland output. Foods that drive insulin levels high such as the two minute noodles and other high carbohydrate foods should be avoided.  Your problem may be your diet - Potato crisps, chips, noodles, cakes, chocolate, sugar in coffee etc.

Kill off the bacteria. Wash twice a day and avoid damaging your skin. Excessive washing and rubbing may stimulate the sebaceous gland to secrete more oils making things worse. Avoid products that can irritate and scratch your skin. Squeezing and picking at your skin can force the bacteria deeper and spread the bacteria making things worse.

A visit to a Doctor and an antibiotic may be needed. An antibiotic or antiseptic solution from the pharmacy may be able to lower that bacteria population and clear the acne.

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