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Casey-Cardinia Casey Cardinia Library Corporation Endeavour Hills, Hampton Park, Cranbourne, Doveton, Pakenham The VCAT Guardianship Tribunal acted Corruptly and without regard for Lynette Croll. 

Lynette Croll had just recovered from a stroke having spent two and a half months in the Dandenong Hospital. She had lost her husband of fifty five years. She has been abused and robbed by her daughter Faye. She had received death threats. She had been told she does not deserve what she has and had worked with her husband to build over 55years. She has been told she is demented and belongs in a nursing home. She was very frail with mercury poisoning. All this and more when there is nothing wrong with her other than some grief and anxiety (caused most likely by abuse and mercury poisoning). To add more insult to injury her two daughters Lynette Faye Johnson and Leonie Caroline Dore make an application to the VCAT Tribunal Guardianship List to be appointed her Administrators and  Guardians. That Lynette Croll is competent is supported by two Neuropsychological Reports. One by Dr Sheridan of the Dandenong Hospital and one by Dr Lindsay Vowels. Dr Vowels Report. Dr Sheridan's report. Dr Sheridan did some tests and did not find that Lynette Croll was incompetent. If there were issues of incompetence they would have been stated by Dr Sheridan.

Notice of hearing - The date of the first hearing was the 25th February 2004. Lynette and Trevor went to this hearing with some witnesses and waited all morning. After five hours waiting they were told that the hearing had been cancelled.

Casey-Cardinia Casey Cardinia Library Corporation Endeavour Hills, Hampton Park, Cranbourne, Doveton, Pakenham It was an ambush which had failed. 

With Dr Lindsay Vowel's report and Dr Sheridan's report in front of the VCAT Tribunal the application to the Guardianship List should have been dismissed and Lynette allowed to continue to run her farming businesses. The ambush was that an order would have been made sending Lynette to a prearranged Geriatrician who would have found Lynette to be incompetent and thus Faye and Leonie would have been the Administrator and Guardian. With all the evidence of Lynette's competence before them the Tribunal would have lost on appeal and they knew it so they could not make the order. The ambush failed.

A covering letter with all the evidence etc. of Lynette's competence that the Tribunal had before it.  

1. Letter from Lynette Croll in which she states what she wants from the hearing, Second letter.
2. Recent History and Summary of events
3. Enduring Power of Attorney
4. Lynette Croll's will and attached Statutory Declarations of Lynette Croll and Trevor Croll,
5. Letter from Commonwealth Bank, Rosa Micallef 16th February 2004,
6. Letter from Robertson Wouters, Accountants dated 11th February 2004,
7. Letter from Bill Moore dated 14th January 2004,
8. Letter to Faye of the 14 - 1 -04
9. Email sent to Faye Johnson dated 11th August 2003 by Trevor Croll,
10. Letter from McGrath Carey Katz Lawyers acting for Faye Johnson,
11. Report of Dr. Lindsay M. Vowels FAPS, MAPA, PhD, B App Sc(Pty) Grad Dip Bus
Admin, Member, College of Clinical Neuropsychologists, APS Member, College of
Clinical Psychologists, APS - not yet received,
12. Will of Henry Theodore Croll (deceased),
13. Probate of the will of Henry Theodore Croll (deceased),
14. Death Certificate for Henry Theodore Croll

With all this evidence against them the Guardianship Tribunal pursued Lynette Croll for another year. 

Casey-Cardinia Casey Cardinia Library Corporation Endeavour Hills, Hampton Park, Cranbourne, Doveton, Pakenham Our executive system of government assists corrupt people.

They tried to con her and then tried a second ambush.

Mercury poisoning is known to cause dementure - read more on mercury poisoning.